Invest in the companies of the future

Diversify your investment portfolio by accessing a selection of pre-seed and seed stage startups with high growth potential and profitability by investing collectively with us. Unity is strength

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We want to democratize and make startup investment very easy for entrepreneurs, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to access investment opportunities in startups with potential.

Professional investment operations structuring

We handle legal and tax aspects with contracts, investment agreements, and shareholder agreements based on best practices in venture capital.

Presentation of investment opportunities s

Every quarter, we present different startups with their founders, business models, metrics, and detailed information about why we find them interesting.

Access to deal flow

We seek opportunities and startups through our network of contacts, investors, and entrepreneurs.


Through a rigorous analysis process, we screen and choose a small percentage of the companies we evaluate.

“Skin in the

We always invest in all the opportunities we offer to our members and put our assets at stake in the decisions we make.

Investment monitoring

We provide information and reporting on the evolution of the invested companies, as well as opportunities to participate in future investment rounds.

We want to incorporate new partners who bring value and want to invest in early-stage startups.

There are three types of investors



Does not actively participate in the investment decision process in startups.



Brings deal flow and actively participates in the investment decision process in startups, contributing their experience to the process.



A relevant person in a sector who promotes the club’s activity and personally invites other experienced individuals to become financial investors or advisor investors.

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